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Sleep Safe Mattress Protector

Model # AP13169B
Fashion: White
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The Aerosleep® mattress protector lets baby sleep safely, while also protecting the mattress. Your baby rests on a layer of air that will allow them continual unobstructed breath, even after rolling over onto their tummy.

The mattress protector has a unique 3D structure that features a sleep safe layer, an absorbent layer and a waterproof layer. This 3D structure provides the necessary ventilation, allowing baby to breathe freely while also regulating the body temperature for a safe and healthy night's sleep. The absorbent layer retains as much moisture as possible and the waterproof layer prevents any moisture from penetrating the mattress.

Machine-washable, this one-piece mattress protector ensures that your child will always sleep on a clean mattress protector.

  • Safe. Unique 3D honeycomb structure ensures optimum air circulation. This way your baby can always breathe freely while maintaining a normal body temperature. The result is a safe and healthy sleep environment.
  • Absorption layer. Guarantees a maximum of hygiene, even in case of ""accidents"".
  • Protective layer. Waterproof layer retains any moisture from diaper leakage or spit up, to ensure the mattress itself remains clean, keeping baby dry at all times.
  • Babies are unable to optimally regulate their body temperature, so the layer of air cools baby down during hot spells. In winter, the layer has an insulating effect.
  • Hygienic. Forms a natural shield against bacteria and allergens without any chemical treatment.
  • Made with certified Oeko-Tex® materials
  • Retrofits easily onto existing crib mattress with 4 elastic band attachments
  • Fully machine-washable at 60°C. Any bacteria and dust mites will die as soon as they reach 57°C, so your baby will sleep on a clean mattress protector time and time again.
  • Mattress protector dimensions: 27.25" x 51.625"

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